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A present to the future

Develop solutions to meet the dietary and nutritional needs of humanity while protecting our planet; make sure that our actions go beyond the development of our business and products, but also make a difference in the world by embracing and promoting transitions

Us, Olga

We are an independent family business founded in Brittany and have been making responsible food and nutritional products for over 70 years.

Since the beginning, we have boldly innovated for the food of tomorrow and for all tastes through our best ambassadors: Sojasun, Petit Billy, Sojade, Vrai, Grillon d'Or and many others.

We're a company that’s full of life and are resolutely committed to the dietary, ecological and societal transition. We work with our heads, our hearts and our guts to offer a present for the future.

For every taste

Petit Billy, fresh goat cheeses with a naturally soft taste!

As experts of all things plant-based, Sojasun is available anywhere from fresh desserts, ready meals, to soy and soy-free drinks... and more !

We're committed to working alongside farmers to ensure that our food is tasty, organic, local and authentic.

For 20 years, Sojade has been offering tasty desserts, drinks and culinary aids made from 100% organic and French soy.

La Fabrique des Veggies, la marque végétale bretonne, joyeuse, décomplexée et fun !


Our commitments are the fruit of our intuitions, convictions and the positions we take on things.

We've led the way in dietary, ecological and societal transition, and we're not about to stop now!


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