Commited and visionary

As forerunners in the dietary, ecological and societal transition, we continue to invest in the future, guided by our raison d'être: to be a source of life for people and the planet.


It is  our aim to maintain a daring, persistent and creative approach in our effort to nurture and protect life.

We can do so by forging relationships built on trust and pledging  to make a difference to the world in which we live,

in  the interest of doing what is right for Humankind and our planet.

We  also want to develop a business model that does not focus exclusively on the manufacture and sale of products…

We want to conduct business in a way that makes a compassionate difference and leaves no one behind.

We  want our business to shape a model of society that we would be proud to pass on to future generations.


since the 1970s

For more than 70 years, we have been building a relationship of trust and proximity with the agricultural world. Our belief in the “philosophy of producing better” prompted us to become involved in the early days of organic farming in 1975, and then to take part in drawing up its first set of specifications in 1983!

We’ve been committed to innovation since the beginning, developing new manufacturing processes and offering the first plant-based alternatives to dairy yoghurts, using soya beans and, more recently, hemp. In 1995 we started setting up our own French, non-GMO supply chains to provide our consumers with the best possible products.

We have always been aware of environmental issues and have worked for over 20 years to limit the impact of our activities. We are pursuing our strategy of reducing our environmental footprint and we have been investing in renewable energies (solar, wind, diester, biomass boilers, etc.) since 1999. Our efforts over the long term have earned us certification, since 2017, at the highest level of the AFNOR assessment of the ISO 26000 CSR standard.

We want to contribute

to the creation of a social model with a positive impact, and so we are involved and committed beyond our core businesses. Through our Olga endowment fund, we support cultural, sporting and scientific projects that reflect our values, our convictions and our regions. That’s why, through the Vrai brand, we are a member of the 1% for the Planet collective, which works to promote sustainable agriculture and preserve biodiversity. To take things even further, we are looking to collectively reinvent our business models and move the yardsticks on non-financial performance issues. In 2022, we joined the Business for Climate Convention movement.

We truly believe that “the most human approach is the most effective in the long term” and that “the best in people always emerges when conditions allow it”. Inspired by Frédéric Laloux‘s book Reinventing Organizations, in 2018 we decided to embark on both a cultural and organizational transformation. By prioritizing autonomy and empowerment, and by working with our heads, our hearts and our guts, we aspire to deploy a living company model in which everyone can participate in our Vision of becoming a regenerative company.