Grillon d’Or

Grillon d’Or cultivates a taste for organic products!

Its mission? To produce organic and sustainable cereals


In 1989,

Gérard Le Goff took his first organic mueslis out of his wood-fired oven… and so the great Grillon d’Or adventure began.

The first production site

was located in Brittany, closely followed by ones in Normandy and Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

30 années plus tard,

la marque a bien grandi et fabrique toute sorte de céréales bio, pour faire du petit-déjeuner, une source de plaisir et de gourmandise !

Grillon d'Or offers a whole world of flavours for breakfast, snacks and aperitifs:

mueslis, crunchy mueslis, flakes, children's cereals, puffed cereals,
breakfast biscuits, crackers, puffed crackers ...

A brand committed to the planet

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organic offer

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3 production sites

in France

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from France

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