The Story of Sojasun

The Sojasun story began in 1988 in Brittany

Our directors, Jean Clanchin and his wife Françoise, discovered soya and all its fantastic nutritional and environmental benefits. True to their visionary spirit, they decided to transform soya beans into what would become the first soya-based yoghurt.


In 1995,

Sojasun set up a French soya production chain that was guaranteed GMO-free.


It was one of the very first

brands to make food more plant-based by offering plant-based desserts to as many people as possible in supermarkets and hypermarkets and launching its first veggie burger in 1998.

Some of Sojasun’s recipes

from the early days are so popular with consumers that they are still on the shelves, such as apricot-guava or raspberry-passion soya desserts.

The Sojasun culinary world

In terms of desserts, Sojasun offers a range of plain, gourmet and fruit desserts, both soya-based and soya-free (new So Amande range).


The brand also offers lactose-free, soya-based and soya-free plant-based drinks.


Protein-packed and delicious, Sojasun's veggie burgers and veggie mince complete the brand's range.



No colourings, no preservatives or artificial flavourings

picto sans OGM

Products made with French non-GMO soya

bonne santé

Products with a short list of ingredients, good nutritional values and no controversial ingredients.

picto crèmerie corail

Mainly Nutriscore A and B products with very good Yuka scores