As early as 1975,

our directors, Françoise and Jean Clanchin, started the first organic milk collections, prompted by a growing awareness of the need for farming methods that were more respectful of nature.

The company

strengthened this commitment

by actively participating in the creation of the first organic specifications in 1985


In 1995,

we launched Vrai in supermarkets so that everyone had access to organic food.

In the early 2000s, a range of organic sheep’s milk yoghurts was launched, followed by organic goat’s milk yoghurts in 2010


Vrai, member

of the 1% for the planet collective

Since 2015, we have donated 1% of Vrai’s sales to associations that protect the environment and biodiversity.


Vrai is the only 100% organic brand to offer delicious organic dairy products from cows, sheep and goats.

Products made with good French organic milk

Cow's milk: our tasty yoghurts, fromage frais and desserts are made in Noyal-sur-Vilaine and our Normandy crème fraiche in Cahagnes.
Our organic milk is collected from farms in Brittany and Normandy located less than 100km from our production plant.

Sheep's milk: our organic sheep's milk is collected in Lozère and Aveyron, less than 60 km from our production site in La Tieule. We use this milk to make delicious yoghurts and fromage frais. Our gourmet chocolate desserts are made in Montauban de Bretagne.

Goat's milk: our delicious yoghurts and fromage frais are made in Noyal-sur-Vilaine using organic milk from Brittany and Pays de la Loire. Our organic goat's milk is collected less than 250km from our production plant.

We're committed to working alongside farmers to ensure that our food is tasty, organic, local and authentic.  



for people, nature and animals


ngredients sourced from organic, small-scale,

local farming

brique de lait

Traditional know-how that preserves

the original flavour of the ingredients

logo 1% pour la planète

1% of our turnover for

actions in favour of the environment.