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Our brands are our best ambassadors. While they each have their own unique history, they all share the same values.
Over the years, we have developed a wide variety of products to meet the needs of various distribution channels and enhance the offer of different stores.

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Des recettes
gourmandes et variées

Depuis longtemps nous proposons de nombreuses recettes pour satisfaire les exigences de différents réseaux de distribution,
sur de multiples catégories de produits.

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Our other brands


Discover Tomm'Pousse, our plant-based alternatives to cheese made for all food lovers!
Our Camm'vert cheeses are the first plant-based flowery crusts to be marketed in France. They are the result of traditional know-how in fermentation and maturing, and a long process of adaptation to the plant-based ingredients. Delicious, organic and responsible, our Camm'Vert products will surprise and delight you!

soon gamme

and committed plant-based brand, designed to promote the diversity and richness of plants. Simple and natural, the recipes for our drinks and desserts are also healthy and delicious. They make the most of all the benefits of oats, hemp, spelt, chickpeas and French rice.

Terres et Céréales mueslis et flakes

With Terres & Céréales, we offer organically grown breakfast cereals, with ingredients that are rigorously selected to create unique recipes, real nuggets of flavour that respect people, production chains and the planet.

Tante Hélène fromage blanc

Tante Hélène is the leading brand of organic cow's milk products in specialized organic shops. Since 1975, Tante Hélène has been collecting its organic milk locally, as close as possible to its production facilities: 45 years of partnership and proximity with passionate organic farmers in Brittany and Normandy. Our brand's work came to fruition in 2020 with the Biopartenaire fair trade label for its organic milk

La Chèvrerie is a range of organic dairy products made from goat's milk, available through organic and health food stores. Our products are made in our production facilities in Brittany (France) and combine the nutritional qualities (rich in protein) and flavour (mildness and typicality) of goat's milk.

A pioneering brand and leader in organic sheep's milk products, La Bergerie has been committed to making products that respect people, animals and the environment for nearly 30 years. Since December 2021, the brand has been certified Biopartenaire® fair-trade. We work with 50 organic farmers, who are paid a fair price. Our Lacaune sheep are pampered and reared in the open air: the local, fair-trade milk is collected in Lozère and Aveyron, less than 60 km from our production plant. Our products are available in specialized organic shops. We also market the "Bergerie" brand exclusively for export, to meet the needs of European consumers for shee

Le beurre Bordier

Bordier butter is a churned butter that is remixed on a tray, sprinkled with salt, fragranced and shaped by hand. In our 7 ripening cellars, we select more than 200 varieties of cheese, and give them the care they need for optimum ripening that reflects our customers' wishes. Bordier butter and cheeses are sources of pleasure, sharing and elegance, whether they are enjoyed on the white tablecloth of a Michelin-starred restaurant, at the family table on a Sunday or for an impromptu bite with a friend.

gamme nutrisun 2024

The expert in the formulation and custom manufacture of powder and liquid health nutrition solutions. For over 25 years, we have been supporting our customers' development in the nutraceuticals, sports nutrition, wellness nutrition and medical nutrition markets through a full-service approach


At Ingood by Olga we produce plant-based, natural and useful ingredients for the food, health and nutrition markets, so that everyone can play their part, right now, in the food transition in a way that can only be described as positive! Since 2015, we have been guided by our raison d'être: namely, to offer the best of our materials while respecting our ecosystems and taking a bold approach. Above and beyond our ingredients, we believe in a whole model of sustainable development - which can still be perfected - and we want to share it with everyone around us.