For mankind and the planet

We are driven by the belief that if the Earth is well, we are well. And if we're well, the Earth will be well.


We want to be useful, open to the world and commit ourselves beyond our industry.

As we believe that our wellbeing depends on the wellbeing of the Earth, and that food has a strong impact on the environment and our health, we want to play a prominent role in the agricultural and dietary transitions.


With that in mind, we follow our heads and our hearts, we trust our guts, we cultivate joy and optimism and we believe that trust is key to the success of our collective efforts.


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From our commitments were born 3 major causes to which we wish to commit for the future:

Lifting mankind up

Feeding life

We love our planet

Lifting mankind up

We enable humanity to thrive across our communities in a spirit of
shared transparency and trust.

For collaborators

Invent a new way of working together and offering the conditions for fulfilment at work, in particular through a new management model based on trust and empowerment. On the basis of this model, the "AVEC" approach helps people to develop their self-confidence and dare to speak out.

For producers/ agricultural industry

Jointly contributing to the development of more local and collaborative agricultural models
23 integrated agricultural supply chains
93% of raw materials sourced in France
100% processing carried out in France

and generally...

Working in conjunction with our stakeholders to construct new models of society


grande cause faire grandir les hommes producteurs

2035's ambition

100% of our employees taking part in “Avec” expertise training initiatives
100% of our employees feel they are able to thrive in their professional environment

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2035's ambition

100% of our employees taking part in nutrition and environment training initiatives

100% of our offer fulfils the criteria of the internal charter entitled “Health, Naturality and Ethics”

Feeding life

We promote the wellbeing
of our consumers by offering them products and services that respect LIFE.

Making our employees aware of environmental and nutritional challenges

Workshops and visits
Involving employees in the CSR approach and vision of the business
Olga academy: training initiatives in wellbeing, healthy eating and promoting a healthier lifestyle

Offering healthy products with the goal of enhancing wellbeing

Organic since 1975 Plant-based products Reduced list of additives
Research and innovation in relation to sustainable processes e.g., solid-state fermentation

Working closely with our consumers to build a sustainable future

Community-based strategy
Jointly setting out commitments in line with the Vrai brand


We love our planet.

We love our planet.
We refuse to abuse it. As such, we make every effort to restore the living world and protect the planet which gives us the food, the air and water we need to survive.

Taking care of Earth

We have been committed to promoting a more sustainable and ethical form of agriculture since the 1970s. That is why we have actively contributed to the development and formation of organic food systems.
Our commitment to a plant-based food transition dates back to the 1980s.
We have actively developed alternatives, more local and sustainable agricultural supply chains since the 1980s.

Minimising our impact

We have undertaken to use renewable energies such as solar, wind, diester, biomass boiler, etc.
Packaging : investing in collective projects for large-scale solutions. For instance, PS35 consortium.

Evolving towards a regenerative business model

Commitments under CEC (Convention of Business for the Climate)
Working with others to shape our vision
Overhaul of our economic models

2035's ambition

100% of our offer is based on an agro-ecological approach

100% of our activities have a positive environmental impact in terms of energy, CO2, water, packaging, etc.