Olga, quite a story

Olga (formerly Triballat-Noyal) is an independent food company that has been run by the same family for 3 generations. It was founded in Brittany in 1951 by Maxime and Olga Triballat. Find out more about our history, from the first organic dairy products to the first organic hemp supply chain in France, via the first soya desserts and plant-based alternatives.

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A family business

Maxime and Olga Triballat, maternal grandparents of Olivier Clanchin, the current CEO, acquired the Ravalet dairy in Noyal-sur-Vilaine, which at the time was just a small local cheese factory…


Launch of "le Noyal" plain yogurt

Olivier Clanchin’s parents, Françoise and Jean, take over the business. Françoise Triballat becomes the first woman to graduate from a dairy school. Launch of Le Noyal plain yogurt.


Triballat Noyal went through its “great revolution”

Launch of the first sterilised milk with an aluminium lid that could be opened with a fingernail. Until then, the bottles had a soldered seal.


Tante Hélène became the leading brand for organic dairy products

The two Triballat Noyal directors increasingly came into contact with the organic philosophy and decided to launch the first organic products.


Launch of Petit Billy

The company took the crazy gamble of setting up goat farms in Brittany (France), with the help of 20 farmers. The best breeds of goat were selected for their milk: the brown Alpine and the white Saanen.


Sojasun, the first soya desserts in France

The company broke new ground with Sojasun by launching a range of soya-based products.


Vrai, a pioneering brand

Thanks to partnerships with organic milk producers, the company launched the first range of organic products in supermarkets under the Vrai brand


Olivier Clanchin took up the reins

Jean Clanchin, Chairman, handed the leadership of the company to his son Olivier


The first hemp desserts and drinks

After several years of research and development of a local supply chain, we’re launching the first hemp-based products!


ISO 26000 CSR standard

The company was placed at the highest level by AFNOR in their assessment of the ISO 26000 CSR standard


Céréco joined Triballat Noyal

Céréco, a neighbouring company with shared values, specialising in cereal products for breakfasts, joined the company with its Grillon d’Or and Terres et Céréales brands.


The business is now run jointly by Chairman Olivier Clanchin – Olga’s grandson – and Resource Officer Solenn Douard

En 2022,

In 2022, Triballat-Noyal changed its name to Olga to honour her legacy.